Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My old teammate Jean-Francois Bernard on Toshiba-Look

A crucial day for the Yellow Jersey. Would he wear it again?


Pro Cycling News Service said...

What a terrific photo. Thanks for sharing, Shelley. And no, "Jeff" would not wear the yellow jersey again in his career.

julien_bernard_6 said...

he is my father thank you for the photo Shelley.
Thank you I'm really looking for the best picture of my father that they actually use thanks ...

Julien Bernard

Shelley Verses said...

Bonjour Julien,
I have so many beautiful stories about your father. I was his soigneur on La-Vie-Claire and then Toshiba. Paul Koechli, our directeur sportif,brought me to France from the American Team 7-ELEVEN! It was a big spectacolo for the other soigneur and mecanos, but not for JF!...he liked the change! I changed the ravitto from Joel Marteil's old way! He was Hinault's soigneur and did not like me! Jule, I have more photos for you! love, to you and Jeff! Shell xxoo

Jan de Jong said...

Hello Shelley,

remember you so good from 1986 TdF, i was almost 17 and youre appearance in cycling was refreshing. It was en maybe is a bit of a men's world!
Me and my brother where back then and still are great JF Bernard fans. Like the photo so much.
Did you have actually contact with Julien, his son?
Iam also curious about JF story's and pictures.
Thx anyway for this blog!